A Seven-Step Guide To Hiring A Good Painter For Your Home

Time is of essence in the modern scenario. So when it comes to getting a painting job done at home, would it not be a good idea to hand over the project to a professional? If you are an Aussie and live in Melbourne – these tips are tailor made for you to cater for the ever changing Melbourne climate.

With the help of a professional painting contractor, you can take out the high level of stress that is duly associated with the task. However, a lot of careful consideration has to be made while choosing the right professional for the job. Here is a list of the seven most important aspects that you need to consider while offering a painting contract for your home to prospective painters.

Here are some great painters tips:

• Start by asking around: The best source for a quality painting contractor happens to be the referrals provided by close acquaintances, neighbours, and friends who have had pleasant experiences with professionals in and around your area. You can also approach numerous local agencies who cater to all home care needs for individuals.

• Contact a minimum of three contractors for gathering estimates: This will help you form a better idea about the possible expenses for your project. Every estimate provided by the individual contractors should roughly be around the same amount. If you witness a high level of variation in the estimates, always enquire about the areas where the contractors are looking to cut corners.

• Set up an interview for every candidate: Prepare an interview questionnaire for the painting contractors and present the same to them one at a time. This questionnaire should contain questions regarding their experience in the industry, license and insurance, written agreements and work guarantees, and about the products that they use. This way you can get to know the contractor better before handing over the project.

• Lay down the specifics of your project: While discussing your project with the prospective painters Melbourne can offer, give them a walk around your property and show them all the areas- both indoors and outdoors- that need to be painted.Take into consideration specific aspects that you feel may have a bearing on the total cost of the project. Mention the specifics of your project such as surfaces to be painted, paint colors and the finish you would like to have applied on the same.

• Be conscious of their behaviour: While meeting with each of the contractors, pay close attention to their behaviour. Observe them closely for signs that portray their lack of professionalism and experience. See if they are courteous in their approach and adhere to appointment schedules. Also, take note of how busy they are because the good ones usually have very little time to take a peaceful break.

• Ask for and follow up on references: Ask for at least three references from each of the painting contractors and get in touch with their former customers. If possible, seek to pay them a visit to get a first-hand insight of the work that they can possibly do for you.

• Do a thorough contract review: Once you have made up your mind on which of the painters should get the project, have them submit a written contract and go through the same very carefully. Being a consumer gives you every right to seek clarifications on any aspect you feel is inappropriate. Verify the areas of your home being painted, the colours being used, and the duration for completion of work. Also gather all information on how the contractor would like to get paid.

Conclusion: By following this seven-step guide, you will be in a position to hire painters in Melbourne who do justice to the task of giving your property a fresh coat of paint. Needless to say, it will also allow you to enjoy the feel of your newly painted home to the fullest.